Hello, this is Tino.

He grew up in a rural mountainous place in the most eastern part of Germany. After realizing there has got to be a whole world to discover at the age of 19, he began his journey and started taking photos of his travels around the world.

After a near death motorcycle accident in 2017 in Indonesia he put all his footage together and held presentations about his adventures. Hundreds of people showed up during dozens of shows so he decided to make this his profession and offer his photography services to others who were just as keen about sports & nature as him.

11 years later the voyage is still in full swing and it will clearly continue for a couple more decades. Since this incident his passion to create unique, inspiring photography of peoples´ most valuables moment got even bigger.

"What if only I had a picture to look back on" or "I wish my friends and family could experience this with me" ... is what he wanted to change.

More than 10 years ago he discovered his passion for outdoor lifestyle & action sports photography. He´s traveled to over 50 countries and just loves to document winter sports enthusiasts within their element. Seeing peoples´ smiles when they see their shots from epic powder days - is what makes him extremely happy.

Tino routinely produces unique outdoor imagery and authentically portraits the lifestyle of entrepreneurs & travelers alike which he also showcases in his live presentations. Whether it´s a sunny day for hiking or a foggy afternoon in the forrest. You will get great shots no matter the conditions.

The 34-year-young spends his summers at the oceans and his winters usually in the mountains of Canada, Japan or Austria. Time get your album filled with amazingly beautiful images from all angles.